Days of the week

  • kɔ̀balón = Monday
  • kɔ̀lón = Tuesday
  • kúnunlon = Wednesday
  • bílon = Thursday
  • sìnilón = Friday
  • kɛ́ndɛlon = Saturday
  • kárilon = Sunday

Just curious: where and in what contexts are these names used? Are they endorsed by N’ko scholars?

In Bamako and Sikasso, I learned weekday names (ntenin/tarata/araba/alamisa/jouma) derived from Arabic. Weekend days were alternately “samedi” / “sibiri” (Saturday) and “dimanshi” / “kari” (Sunday).

I’m guessing that N’ko wants to promote names without such foreign origins.

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They are used in N’ko texts and on N’ko radio broadcasts, etc.

I made this post as a reference for myself because I tend to forget them :slight_smile: They always show up on Kanjamadi, for instance.

Yes, the Arabic (and for urban and younger people, French) loanwords are more frequent in the spoken language.

PS - Watch your spelling; it’s ntɛnɛ for Monday and juma for Friday.

You linguists and your %^&*# spelling!