Cool Bambara language video interviewing a djembe player

Coleman, I’m not sure if this should be another thread or not… But I thought it appropriate to share a YouTube video concerning the jɛnbe! And most definitely thought of you @boka_tummtukote. :blush:


Wow! Such a cool little profile! :slight_smile: Thank you!

That said, the English translation starting around 4:56 is really not that faithful to what he says in my opinion! :grimacing:

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Thank you Christy!!! This video really touched me… i felt so much empathy for this old magician… feeling so bitter and critical about the youth… and about improvisation, about finding new sounds… well… it’s his life, he surely has a noble reason for being so critical, still… never good to be so one-sided… thank you for video, very moving!!!


That’s the part of the translation that I don’t think is very faithful actually! :upside_down_face:

oh wow… :slight_smile: what a coincidence!!