Body and mind

Hi everybody, i am looking for a term in Jula/Malinké which means somethink like “body and mind”, or “body awareness” or “body-presence”. I would like to create a logo for my work as a bodyworker and bond it with my connection to Guinea. So thanks for any ideas and expressions:).


I ni ce, Sarah!

I’m wasn’t familiar with the term “body-work” or “bodyworker”, but it has something to do with the physical manipulation of the body for comfort or healing, right?

It seems like the expressions that you want to translate come from a particular tradition or way of thinking, so I think it’ll be tricky to find something that has the some connotation in Manding.

That said, if you are looking for literal translations, you could play with words like:

A simple literal translation would be: fari ni hakili (‘body and mind’), for instance. (Note that the ni in that sentence means ‘and’ and not ‘soul’).


Yes exactly, i didnt think about the word hakili, which is very fitting.