‘Almost’ bɛ fɔ cogo di bamanakan na?
Misali dɔ ko… ‘there is almost no more left’.

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Hi Malik! “Almost” can be a little tricky because it’s not generally translated one-to-one with English, so it really depends on the context of what you want to say. For your example, I’d try something like this using the verb ɲini:

À bɛ ɲini ka ban

“It’s almost done”
(lit. ‘It is seeking to end’)


Yanni dɔɔnin, dɔwɛrɛ tɛ
“It’s almost done”
(lit. “In a little, there’s no other”)

Let me know if those work with your friends/family!

I’ve asked around and come up with several ways of expressing “almost”.

A tɔ tɛ bɛrɛ ye (There is almost no more left. Lit: its remaining is not sufficient/much)
À bɛ ɲini ka ban (It’s almost done. Lit: It is seeking to end)
À bɛna ban sɔɔni (It’s almost done. Lit: It will end soon)

These all work!

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