Ala k'an ɲɔgɔnye nɔgɔya

Hello, What context is this used in and what would it mean in the context? I heard this recently. Ala k’an ɲɔgɔnye nɔgɔya

This is a benediction (and related ones) are used as something like the English phrase, “I hope that we meet again (soon)”.

I know it as:

Ala ka ɲɔgɔnye nɔgɔya

‘May God ease us the act of us seeing one another (again)’

I see that in the corpus, there is also something like yours, but with a possessive marker:

Ala k’an ka ɲɔgɔnye nɔgɔya



I understand this as “May we meet again very soon”.

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