"Akafo" by Oumou Dioubaté

Hello. Some friends of mine have recently introduced me to this song which I’ve enjoyed quite a lot, and I’ve been trying to find more information about it, and through my searching I discovered these forums, which I feel would be the perfect place to ask. It’s clearly in some Manding variety, but I want to more clearly find out which specific variety it is (I think it’s in Maninka, but I’m not 100% sure). I’d also want to get some of the lyrics and overall find out what the song is about.
Thank you all in advance!

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I ni ke, @Olivia! Welcome to the Forum. Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Yes, the song is in Maninka.

I’ve had a quick listen and I can make out some of the words easily, but it’s not easy for me to follow along.

I’d need to spend some more time with it and/or ask some friends for assistance to get further along. Perhaps someone else in the Forum can help out in the meantime!

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