Adding words from lyrics to the dictionary?

Wonderful! Also, I was wondering if you’d be open to updating the An ka Taa dictionary with the words in the songs that are not in it?

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I’m definitely open to the idea! The dictionary was originally written as a pocket dictionary focused on the most common words, but in a digital format, we can obviously “afford” to have it grow in size without making it unwieldy.

What could be really cool as an idea would be to include some example sentences that were actually lyrics that included the word :star_struck:.

Let’s discuss it further once we work through a song or two since those could be test sources for adding new words!

(PS - Don’t forget that you can always add words that are missing to this section of the Forum. I’m currently working with someone to do a new version of the dictionary that will include the ability for searches to be linked to the Forum too, so any words that aren’t found in the dictionary will potentially be found because of posts in here!)

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