About the Not Found category

Tell me when you can’t find something in the dictionary!

These posts will later turn into updates or Forum posts that improve the dictionary.

  • DO this category if you think there is a word or expression that should be added to the dictionary

  • DO NOT use this category if you would like to offer an improvement/correction to a headword’s definition. (You can do that with the “Report a Mistake” form.)

  • The topic’s title should be the proposed headword or subentry followed by pipe ( | ) and then the best translation or ??? if you do not know the translation.

    For example:

    Baara | work


    Supercalifragilistic | ???

  • Any Manding should be written in standard orthography (that is, using the Latin extended letters [e.g., ɛ , ɔ , ɲ , and ŋ ]). (Here’s a link if you need help typing these characters on your keyboard.)

  • The title can but does not necessarily need to include tone markings.