Ala k'a kɛ jurumu kafari ye

Continuing the discussion from Amen [alternative to "amiina"]:

Here’s the sentence I came across in the Peace Corps manual that set me out on this particular loanword journey:

Ala k’a kɛ jurumu kafari ye.

I looked in the dictionary to find replacements of those three loanwords with Bambara words… or at least words without a source listed and came up with this:

Ngala/Matigi k’a kɛ filimako nɔgɔsi ye.

And maybe it’s still wrong in this case too? But which sentence out of the two is more Bambara in your opinion?

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Thanks for sharing this sentence as an example of what you meant, Christy!

Personally, I think that the question of which one is “more Bambara” is in part sociolinguistic. It isn’t a question that pure grammatical or linguistic analysis can answer because it depends on who you are asking and in what context.

All of that to say that I think the former (“Ala k’a kɛ jurumu kafari ye”) is more natural because, in my opinion, you are more likely to hear it spontaneously produced by people out and about.