"Bassasogo" saying from Wikipedia

I ni ce Coleman and dear fellow forum members!

I found this tongue twister / fun sentence on WikiBooks Bambara Vocabulary :slight_smile:

bassassogo kadi shèssogo yé yiranchogo de bu boyongona
the meat of a lizard is better than that of a chicken because of the way you cut it

Anyone up for explaining the words / grammar behind it? :slight_smile:

Anyone up for sharing some other fun tongue twisters?

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I ni ce, Boka!

This saying that you found is cool, but clearly has a mistake in it! It looks like it doesn’t contain the verb “to cut” (k’à tigɛ), but rather the verb “to fry” (k’à yiran).

In proper orthography, it would be:

Basasogo ka di shɛsogo ye, yirancogo de b’u bɔ ɲɔgɔn na

‘Lizard meat is tastier than chicken meat; the manner of frying distinguishes them from one another’

  • Note that the spelling of shɛ (‘chicken’) is a whole debate; it could also be or syɛ, but I normally opt for the fuller form from which it comes and that is still used in Jula and Maninka: sisɛ.
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:))) thank you Coleman :))) so exciting to recognise more and more words!!! she (chicken) I already recognised in some other interviews!